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Sunrise Readers Book 1 Friends Resources

Sunrise Readers Book 1 Cover

Resources to support teachers and parents in using Sunrise Readers Book 1 Friends are to be found here. Please comment and share ideas. It’s our earnest desire to encourage and support you in this all-important venture – teaching young ones to read! Power point presentation: Meet the Sunrise Children For those fortunate enough to have…

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Sunrise Readers Book 9

Dream Time Here are more essential resources to support teachers and parents when introducing their children to Sunrise Readers, Book 9 – Dream Time. Throughout the Sunrise Readers series, we encourage teachers and parents to use an eclectic approach to reading – that is, to teach reading using a combination of all of the trusted…

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Sunrise Readers Book 7

Useful resources are now available for Sunrise Readers Book 7 – Fun and Games. All free and downloadable, here are a supply of large, medium and small wordlist flashcards applicable to Sunrise Readers Book 7. Story-by-story wordlists are also available for review.

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Sunrise Readers Book Six – Family and Friends

Flashcards: Here are two sets of flashcards (and a set of relevant wordlists to be cut out and sent home for home review if desired). These contain the words introduced in Sunrise Readers Book Six. Click on the links below for these free, downloadable resources: i           Large flashcards to be used for whole class sessions.…

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Sunrise Readers Book Two – Work and Play – Word Games

When all of the sight words for Sunrise Readers Book 2 Work and Play have been introduced to the learners, these games give enjoyment while practising and reinforcing the words. Some of the games suggested below can be played once the learners have been introduced to 4 – 6 words, using those words only. These…

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Teaching Phonics – how to sound the letters

This video clip demonstrates how to pronounce the letter sounds, with special reference to vowel sounds which differ from language to language. This can cause confusion and mispronunciation when reading in English. Simply explained, phonics is the teaching of letter sounds. Each of the 26 letters in the alphabet has a name and a sound.…

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