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Sunrise Readers Books One, Two & Three – Phonics Games

Phonics Game with Sunrise Readers vc and cvc words. These games give practice in sounding out and building simple vc (vowel/consonant) and cvc (consonant/vowel/consonant) words. It is presumed that learners will have been introduced to the following letter sounds by the time they are reading Sunrise Readers Book Three – Home and School. (Please note,…

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Phonics – Blend Ladders

How to use the phonics blend ladders Initially, children learn to recognise and say the names of the letters of the alphabet. (Ay, Bee, Cee) More importantly, they learn to associate the visual shape of the letters with the sounds those letters represent. (/a/ in apple – say it with its clue word because /a/…

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Alphabet letter cards are useful for building words!

Small alphabet letter cards for individual/ pair use are an essential tool in the early childhood classroom. They give young learners the opportunity to use a kinaesthetic approach to learning by handling the letters and physically placing them in order to make words. Please find a free downloadable printable set of alphabet letter cards for…

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