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The Importance of Story-Telling and Role Play

We believe learners must be actively and imaginatively engaged in the reading process as much as possible. Children love to imagine and to play, and they prepare themselves for the future as they act out various scenarios. Empathy work is valuable as learners have to think for others. You will find a PDF of cut-out…

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Sunrise Readers Books 1 – 5 Learners’ Word Books

This useful resource is now available for your learners when they are starting to write their own sentences. The Sunrise Readers Word Book is a first “dictionary” for young students – the words introduced in Sunrise Readers Books 1 – 5 are recorded here in alphabetical order. They are printed in lists, from top to…

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Sunrise Readers Books 6 – 10 “Do This” Answer Guides

From Sunrise Readers Book 6 onwards, most stories are followed by an ability-appropriate exercise called “Do this.” The new Sunrise Readers Books 1-5 feature fun phonics practice and activity pages to engage the children in verbal discussions about the texts they are reading.  This forms early, incidental ‘comprehension’ or ‘read for meaning’ experience. Some of…

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