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New to the Sunrise Readers? A quick peek inside our Starter Level Books!

The Sunrise Readers are new to South Africans! Until this year, trade restrictions existed so that the Sunrise Readers were not allowed to be marketed in SA.

And the revised Sunrise Readers are still new to a few Zimbabweans who are reluctant to make the transition from the original, “vintage” books. This post is here to enable you to take a quick look at the first three books.

This well-known and popular reading scheme has formed the backbone of literacy in Zimbabwe for over three decades. Well-tried and trusted, ask any Zimbabwean how she learned to read, and she is likely to say, “The Sunrise Readers!” Zimbabweans in the diaspora have a great reputation for their education and work ethics, and we are proud and humble to have been given the opportunity to play a part in that!

The Sunrise Readers are  a Reading Scheme consisting of short stories. Each book is carefully structured, with vocabulary accumulating gradually, and with reading skills  increasing incrementally from story to story.The children are soon reading lively, interesting stories.Sunrise Readers rely on the introduction of sight words whilst phonics are simultaneously being taught thoroughly and systematically.

View the video clip below to gain some insight into the Starter Level books – Books One, Two and Three. All accompanying resources are available to download, free of charge, on this website.


  1. Sharon Nyagura on Feb 7, 2024 at 6:31 pm

    Do you have offices in Pretoria im looking for sunrise blue books

    • Vivian Jenkins on Feb 22, 2024 at 6:31 am

      Currently Sunrise Readers Blue Books are not available in hard copy. We are hoping there will be significant orders in the near future, which will initiate a print run. In the meantime, they are available digitally on the Akello library, along with original Sunrise Readers Books 13 – 20. See

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