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Sunrise Readers

Based in Cape Town, the Sunrise Readers are couriered to all destinations in South Africa.

The Sunrise Readers Are a reading Scheme...

The Sunrise Readers are story books, written to make learning to read easy and exciting. They are relevant to the children of Africa, and to the diaspora beyond. The original Sunrise Readers have a proven track record of establishing literacy in Zimbabwe over the past thirty years.

The text is carefully crafted so that skills are acquired incrementally – almost automatically or organically - in tandem with the systematic learning of phonics.

The context is relevant to the multiracial children of Africa, and those living abroad. The artwork is bright and appealing, and the Sunrise Children become the readers’ friends as they "do life" together. Other stories include folk tales, childhood literature, legends, and Bible stories. Learners are introduced to other genres including poetry, reading for information, and “how-to” instruction.

The stories sensitively convey our core values: respect, acceptance, honesty, kindness, courage and compassion.

FREE Sunrise Readers Teacher’s Manual

A simple, user-friendly Teacher’s Guide accompanies the Sunrise Readers Reading Scheme. For an interview with the authors discussing what you will find in the Teacher’s Manual, please watch the video.

If you have any questions about the Sunrise Readers or the Teacher's Manual, please check out the FAQs below or feel free to contact us.

For the Sunrise Readers Teacher’s Manual – a FREE downloadable PDF – just click the download button.


The Sunrise Readers were first written and published in 1984/1985 in Zimbabwe because there was a need for relevant, local material. 

Children need(ed):

• to be able to identify with books reflecting characters and context within their own experience

• character-building stories with good values

• fun stories and fables

• bright, colourful, attractive, and appealing books

• a combination of approaches for learning to read

• simple, effective and user-friendly books.