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The Importance of Story-Telling and Role Play

We believe learners must be actively and imaginatively engaged in the reading process as much as possible. Children love to imagine and to play, and they prepare themselves for the future as they act out various scenarios. Empathy work is valuable as learners have to think for others. You will find a PDF of cut-out…

New to the Sunrise Readers? A quick peek inside our Starter Level Books!

The Sunrise Readers are new to South Africans! Until this year, trade restrictions existed so that the Sunrise Readers were not allowed to be marketed in SA. And the revised Sunrise Readers are still new to a few Zimbabweans who are reluctant to make the transition from the original, “vintage” books. This post is here…

Sunrise Readers Book 1 Cover

Sunrise Readers Book 1 Friends Resources

Resources to support teachers and parents in using Sunrise Readers Book 1 Friends are to be found here. Please comment and share ideas. It’s our earnest desire to encourage and support you in this all-important venture – teaching young ones to read! Power point presentation: Meet the Sunrise Children For those fortunate enough to have…

sunrise readers book one friends

Sunrise Readers Book 1 – Friends

Word games We all know that games make learning a natural process for learners – and fun! We are growing a supply of resources to help our valued teachers, parents and learners to enjoy reading! The following resource can be used in a variety of different games. Readers Book One – Friends Word Game This…


Pre-Reading: Teacher Tips

Pre-reading and pre-formal learning activities are essential. The time spent on these activities will vary from class to class, but all children should be exposed to these activities to ensure they are ready to start reading and writing. Not only is this an important time for the children, but the teacher has the opportunity to…


Sunrise Readers Books 1 – 5 Learners’ Word Books

This useful resource is now available for your learners when they are starting to write their own sentences. The Sunrise Readers Word Book is a first “dictionary” for young students – the words introduced in Sunrise Readers Books 1 – 5 are recorded here in alphabetical order. They are printed in lists, from top to…

Book 9

Sunrise Readers Book 9

Dream Time Here are more essential resources to support teachers and parents when introducing their children to Sunrise Readers, Book 9 – Dream Time. Throughout the Sunrise Readers series, we encourage teachers and parents to use an eclectic approach to reading – that is, to teach reading using a combination of all of the trusted…


The role of parents, family and care-givers in learning!

Family – you have a vital part to play in your child’s success at school! My recent blog was an introduction to the importance of the family’s role in the teaching of reading. This blog continues that theme – emphasising the vital part that family members play in developing healthy learning patterns in a baby…


The importance of reading to children

Parents often leave the teaching of reading to teachers! Parents have a vital role to play. My own story as a reader who became an author: As a teacher and as a parent, I will always be grateful to my grandfather. I can’t remember when he started reading to me, but one of my earliest…


Sunrise Readers Book 5 – Past Tense Activities

The past tense is introduced in Sunrise Readers Book 5 – We Come and Go. First language speakers will use the past tense without thinking about it. For second language speakers, attention may need to be given to using the past tense. Ideas for teaching the past tense: 1.NEWS: Grades One and Two teachers frequently…