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Sunrise Readers Book Two – Work and Play – Word Games

When all of the sight words for Sunrise Readers Book 2 Work and Play have been introduced to the learners, these games give enjoyment while practising and reinforcing the words. Some of the games suggested below can be played once the learners have been introduced to 4 – 6 words, using those words only. These…


Sunrise Readers Book 1 – Friends – More Word Games – Go Fishing!

All learners learn best when they are having fun! That’s especially true for young learners. Here is yet another game for teachers and parents to use when teaching sight words. These free downloadable resources apply to the Sunrise Readers Book 1 Friends vocabulary/ word list – but there are blank templates included that may be…

Jenny Blend Ladder

Phonics – Blend Ladders

How to use the phonics blend ladders Initially, children learn to recognise and say the names of the letters of the alphabet. (Ay, Bee, Cee) More importantly, they learn to associate the visual shape of the letters with the sounds those letters represent. (/a/ in apple – say it with its clue word because /a/…


Sunrise Readers Book 1 – Friends – more games to play!

Reading games are invaluable! They make the hard work of learning to read FUN, and draw young learners into reading almost unaware that they are working. Play is a natural and crucial part of child development, so the Sunrise Readers authors encourage teachers and parents to play reading games with their learners. Mary Poppins was…


Sunrise Readers Book 1 Friends

Read, write, cut and match activities The following  free downloadable exercises provide children with the opportunity to practise and consolidate their reading, writing and fine motor skills. Print on A4 paper. These activities can be done once the learners have been taught to recognise, read and repeat the words in the Word List on the…

Book 5

Sunrise Readers Book 5 We Come and Go Resources

Here you will find free downloadable resources to accompany Sunrise Readers Book 5 – We Come and Go. Please make as much use of these as you wish, and don’t hesitate to suggest other resources that you would find useful. Do this activities for Sunrise Readers Book 5 : How to use this book: Power…

Book 3

Sunrise Readers Book 3 Home and School Resources

Currently available free downloadable resources include: How to use Sunrise Readers Book 3 – Home and School Free downloadable worksheets Flashcards – wordlist/ vocabulary and picture characters free downloadable PDFs Read, write and colour booklet – free downloadable pdf Power point – free downloadable

Book 2

Sunrise Readers Book Two Work and Play Resources

Find here free downloadable resources to support teachers and parents when teaching reading, using Sunrise Readers Book Two – Work and Play. How to use Sunrise Readers Book 2 – Work and Play Sunrise Readers Book-2-How-to-use-this-book PDFDownload Free downloadable worksheet – Make words with p (Page 32 – Print in black and white, if desired.)…

Book 4

Sunrise Readers Book 4 Story Time Resources

Please look here for some simple and age-appropriate activities and resources to accompany Sunrise Readers Book 4 – Story Time. The Sunrise Readers include activities from Book 6 onwards. How to introduce this book: Before issuing the children with their new reading book, teachers and parents may wish to ‘scan’ or overview the book in…

Print, laminate and cut these letters out.

Alphabet letter cards are useful for building words!

Small alphabet letter cards for individual/ pair use are an essential tool in the early childhood classroom. They give young learners the opportunity to use a kinaesthetic approach to learning by handling the letters and physically placing them in order to make words. Please find a free downloadable printable set of alphabet letter cards for…