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The Authors

Sunrise Educational Readers Authors

Vivian Jenkins & Chrissie Lewis

Authors of the Sunrise Readers

The Sunrise Readers were written by Vivian Jenkins and Chrissie Lewis. Vivian and Chrissie teamed up to write the Sunrise Readers in the mid-1980s, when they were teaching at Midlands Christian School in Gweru, Zimbabwe. They had no idea that the Sunrise Readers would form the backbone of teaching reading in Zimbabwe over the next three decades. Originally published by Longman Zimbabwe, Pearson Africa asked Vivian and Chrissie to revise the first ten Sunrise Readers in 2017. Since the first writing of these successful reading books, Vivian Jenkins and Christine Lewis accumulated over 25 years of educational research and teaching experience each. They bring a great deal of experience and cutting-edge expertise to each careful revision of these books as they've worked in Education the past 25–30 years. To find out more about the authors of the Sunrise Readers, click the following buttons.