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Book 7

Sunrise Readers Book 7

Useful resources are now available for Sunrise Readers Book 7 – Fun and Games. All free and downloadable, here are a supply of large, medium and small wordlist flashcards applicable to Sunrise Readers Book 7. Story-by-story wordlists are also available for review.


Sunrise Readers Book Six Reading Games, Worksheets and Powerpoint

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.” Diane Ackerman Sunrise Readers resources include many simple reading games and teaching aids to give teachers, parents and learners the opportunities and support they need to make learning to read FUN and effective! Here you will find free downloadable resources for six reading games directly linked to…

Book 6

Sunrise Readers Book Six – Family and Friends

Flashcards: Here are two sets of flashcards (and a set of relevant wordlists to be cut out and sent home for home review if desired). These contain the words introduced in Sunrise Readers Book Six. Click on the links below for these free, downloadable resources: i           Large flashcards to be used for whole class sessions.…

Book 3 Rockets and stars game

Sunrise Readers Book Three – Home and School – Stars and Rockets Games

These simple word-recognition games provide young learners with the variety that makes learning sight-words fun! To do in advance: Print the free printable pdf rocket and star template words. (Click the link at the end.) Laminate the pages for multiple use. Cut out the rocket and star-shaped flashcards. Draw/ Paint a large moon and display…

Book 6 Do this

Sunrise Readers Books 6 – 10 “Do This” Answer Guides

From Sunrise Readers Book 6 onwards, most stories are followed by an ability-appropriate exercise called “Do this.” The new Sunrise Readers Books 1-5 feature fun phonics practice and activity pages to engage the children in verbal discussions about the texts they are reading.  This forms early, incidental ‘comprehension’ or ‘read for meaning’ experience. Some of…

phonics game

Sunrise Readers Books One, Two & Three – Phonics Games

Phonics Game with Sunrise Readers vc and cvc words. These games give practice in sounding out and building simple vc (vowel/consonant) and cvc (consonant/vowel/consonant) words. It is presumed that learners will have been introduced to the following letter sounds by the time they are reading Sunrise Readers Book Three – Home and School. (Please note,…


Sunrise Readers Book Two – Work and Play – Word and Sentence Dice Games

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.” Diane Ackerman. We, the Sunrise Readers authors, know from over thirty years of teaching experience that this is true. PLUS – we love learning through play ourselves! We want our young learners to enjoy learning and practising their recognition of words and letter-sounds. Here is another game…

Sunrise Readers Book 2 – Work and Play -Word Dice Game

Sunrise Readers Book Two Work And Play Word Matching Games

Sunrise Readers Book Two Work and Play Word Matching Games

Matching: These resources can be used as a simple exercise to practise and reinforce vocabulary. Download and print the pictures and words (black and white is fine if costs are limited). Learners cut out the words. Working as individuals or pairs or groups, they cover the pictures with the correct word. NEXT DAY: They then…

You look funny, David.

Sunrise Readers Book 2 – Work and Play Read, Write Cut and Match

The following  free downloadable exercises provide children with the opportunity to practise and consolidate their reading, writing and fine motor skills.  Print on A4 paper. These activities can be done once the learners have been taught to recognise and repeat the words in the Word List on the back cover in preparation for reading  Sunrise…