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Book 2

Sunrise Readers Book Two Work and Play Resources

Find here free downloadable resources to support teachers and parents when teaching reading, using Sunrise Readers Book Two – Work and Play. How to use Sunrise Readers Book 2 – Work and Play Sunrise Readers Book-2-How-to-use-this-book PDFDownload Free downloadable worksheet – Make words with p (Page 32 – Print in black and white, if desired.)…

Book 4

Sunrise Readers Book 4 Story Time Resources

Please look here for some simple and age-appropriate activities and resources to accompany Sunrise Readers Book 4 – Story Time. The Sunrise Readers include activities from Book 6 onwards. How to introduce this book: Before issuing the children with their new reading book, teachers and parents may wish to ‘scan’ or overview the book in…

Print, laminate and cut these letters out.

Alphabet letter cards are useful for building words!

Small alphabet letter cards for individual/ pair use are an essential tool in the early childhood classroom. They give young learners the opportunity to use a kinaesthetic approach to learning by handling the letters and physically placing them in order to make words. Please find a free downloadable printable set of alphabet letter cards for…

A4 Alphabet Sounds Chart

Use alphabet flashcards and charts to teach letter names and sounds

Teaching the Alphabet using Alphabet Flashcards and Charts The very first thing children need to learn is that written letters represent sounds. As adults, we often forget how difficult this is. They need to learn that letters have names (for example, Aa – Ay Bb – Bee Cc – Cee Dd -Dee) and that each…


Sight words and using flash cards/ word cards in the teaching of reading.

What are flash cards/ word cards? Flash cards are cards containing cues – pictures or key words or facts to assist with learning and revision. When they are used for vocabulary, they may be called word cards:  a card that displays a written word. In the Sunrise Readers Teacher’s Manual, we refer to word cards…

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Why is colouring-in beneficial for pre-schoolers?

Some may think that colouring-in activities are only used to occupy young learners and keep them busy. Far from it!  Amongst the many benefits of colouring in, the following are included: It makes little hands stronger! We don’t realise how many muscles we use in hand-writing. Colouring in exercises hand muscles, and helps young learners…


A teacher talks about the Sunrise Readers

Dilys Green is a practical expert in the field of teaching reading. Over the past thirty years, she has successfully launched hundreds of young learners into the exciting universe of reading competency. In this video, she talks about the Sunrise Readers. Click on the link above to hear what Dilys has to say about…

Level 2 - Books 7-9

What makes the Sunrise Readers special?

They are story books!  Each book contains short stories –age-appropriate, and easy for teachers and parents to use. Unlike many solely phonics-based readers –our stories have meaning and are values based. They are inclusive of all backgrounds. They also include children with disabilities and some without nuclear families.  The books encourage empathy, understanding, acceptance and…

Sunrise Educational Readers Authors

Vivian Jenkins & Chrissie Lewis – Authors of the Sunrise Readers

Since the first writing of these successful reading books, Vivian Jenkins and Christine Lewis have accumulated over 25 years of educational research and teaching experience each. They have brought a great deal of experience and cutting-edge expertise to the careful revisions that have been made to these books. They have continued to work in Education…

The new 2022 Third Edition Sunrise Readers

What are the Sunrise Readers?

The Sunrise Readers are a reading scheme. They are a delightful series of carefully structured reading books to be used in the teaching of reading in the first years of a child’s education in English. The vocabulary accumulates gradually, and the children are soon reading lively, interesting stories that are written and selected for their…