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Sunrise Readers Book 4 Story Time Resources

Sunrise Readers Book 4 Story Time

Please look here for some simple and age-appropriate activities and resources to accompany Sunrise Readers Book 4 – Story Time. The Sunrise Readers include activities from Book 6 onwards.

How to introduce this book:

Before issuing the children with their new reading book, teachers and parents may wish to ‘scan’ or overview the book in preparation for reading. Many young learners find this helpful in supporting their focus as well as their reading and comprehension skills. A strategy is suggested in three simple lessons outlined in the free downloadable document below:

Powerpoint Book 4: Story Time:

Do this activities for Book 4:

Sunrise Readers Books 1 – 5 do not include the popular practice and comprehension Do this activities that are found at the end of the stories in Books 6 – 20. A complete list of suggested comprehension and vocabulary activities are supplied in this free, downloadable document:

An example of suggested activities do do with the children before giving them their new book.

Worksheets – free downloadable copies from the book:


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