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Flashcards/ Wordcards for Sunrise Readers Books 1 – 12

We have been asked to provide the word cards for the Sunrise Readers in one place, for easy access. On this page, you will find large flashcards for the words introduced in each Sunrise Reader, from Books 1 – 10. We will gradually add to the collection. Wordlists: You will also find the wordlists for…

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Sunrise Readers Books 1 – 5 Learners’ Word Books

This useful resource is now available for your learners when they are starting to write their own sentences. The Sunrise Readers Word Book is a first “dictionary” for young students – the words introduced in Sunrise Readers Books 1 – 5 are recorded here in alphabetical order. They are printed in lists, from top to…

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Sunrise Readers Book 4 Story Time Resources

Please look here for some simple and age-appropriate activities and resources to accompany Sunrise Readers Book 4 – Story Time. The Sunrise Readers include activities from Book 6 onwards. How to introduce this book: Before issuing the children with their new reading book, teachers and parents may wish to ‘scan’ or overview the book in…

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