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The Sunrise Readers are now available in South Africa!

We are delighted that the Sunrise Readers are now available in South Africa. People have often asked why they have not been sold in South Africa until these past few months. The answer is in the slide above.

Slowly but surely, parents, homeschoolers, schools and NGOs are discovering the Sunrise Readers! Just today we were told:

“I was wondering why I’d not seen your books before. I noticed them in the local Write Shoppe a month or two ago and thought I’d give them a try. I needed to top up our current reading scheme for some of the Grade 3 children we work with at (a local primary school.) So far, we’ve had positive feedback from the teachers. I love the repetition of words, the mix of races, the stories (very relatable for most of the kids) and the illustrations. So, I’m really pleased to have discovered the Sunrise Readers!”

Based in Cape Town, the Sunrise Readers are couriered to all destinations in South Africa.

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