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Sunrise Readers Book 1 – Friends

Word games

This game can be used again and again in a variety of ways.

We all know that games make learning a natural process for learners – and fun! We are growing a supply of resources to help our valued teachers, parents and learners to enjoy reading! The following resource can be used in a variety of different games.

Readers Book One – Friends Word Game

This game uses vocabulary from the Word List on the back cover of Sunrise Readers Book One.

Once the children have been introduced to these (mainly) sight words, and are able to recognise and read them, they will be ready to play this game. Maximum players: a group of four, with children taking it in turns. It is best played in pairs, but can be used as an individual activity.

  1. Print the two A4 pages above, the pictures in colour if at all possible. Laminate the picture card for future use.
  2. If the adult is preparing the kit and it will be used again for years to come, the word cards could also be laminated before the teacher cuts the words out. Words can be kept in an envelope and paper clipped to the picture card. Store the kit carefully to recycle year after year. 
  3. Learners may not be able to cut neatly, but cutting is good for practising fine motor skills, so if costs allow – do not laminate. The words can be printed and cut out by the learners for their personal use only.
  4. Using this game is simple. Each child/ group has a picture card/page and set of cut-out words. The word cards are placed in random order on the table.
  5. First, the teacher and learners look at the pictures on the picture card. Then they read the words on the word card. They talk about which word can be used for each picture. There may be some discussion about look (the eyes); jump (Tatenda jumping on the trampoline); up (Chipo on the see-saw) down (Jenny on the see saw) and run (the boy running.)
  6. The teacher calls out a word. The learners find that word and cover the relevant picture with the word card until the pictures on the page are all covered.
  7. Every group with the correct word cards in place is a winner! Say “Well done!” and clap. Encourage those with a few wrong – the motive is not the competition – it’s the learning and the practice, making learning fun!
  8. This game can also be played as a memory game. Laminate both pages and cut out the cards. Children can work as individuals or in groups up to four players. All of the cards are jumbles up and placed face down. Children take it in turns to lift two cards at a time. If they match the word with the picture, they keep that pair. The child with the most pairs at the end of the game wins.
  9. The game can also be played in pairs as “Snap”. Shuffle the cards and deal each child 12 cards. They do not look at the cards but turn them up one at a time. If there is a match, the first to shout ‘SNAP’ takes the pair.You can use a different word if you prefer – like SAME!

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