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Where to buy the Sunrise Readers in Zimbabwe – Best Prices! Best Quality!

We are often contacted by individuals, schools and booksellers, asking us where to buy Sunrise Readers in Zimbabwe. SchoolBooks4Africa is our distributor for Sunrise Readers Books 1 - 12. To get real, authentic copies of the Sunrise Readers for BEST prices, go to their offices in Mount Pleasant, Harare, or contact them using the contact details on the flier below. They sell to individuals, schools, booksellers and anyone wanting to buy books!

Sunrise Readers are also available at best prices in First Pack stores all over the country. Don't pay more than you should! We appeal to booksellers to join us in our vision to make the Sunrise Readers available to all learners - low profit margins and high volume of sales! This way, we will avoid illegal copiers with their shocking quality products.

Booksellers! Avoid paying more than you should for your Sunrise Readers Books 1 -12! Go to SchoolBooks4Africa.

For original, unrevised Sunrise Readers Books 13 - 20 and Blue Books, go to a Secondary Book Press store near you.

These original Sunrise Readers are available once again due to popular demand.

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